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Community-created street art


Project Summary

Legal vandalism for a good cause

Project Description

Do you know what’s the first form of arts? It is Cave Drawings. The painting and drawing on walls are known as Murals. This is a fundamental tool of communication and interaction among people. Faris Basharahil is the Founder and Director of Social Creatives, a non-profit social enterprise that promotes community art. Social Creatives connect people to social issues through artistic expression; its projects include public murals and artistic workshops with non-profit organisations and people from less fortunate backgrounds. Social Creatives also paints one-room rental flats at discounted prices (free for the occupants) and operates a museum in a retail mall. Social Creatives connects youth to social issues through artistic expression; its projects include public murals and the transformation of dustbins. In 2007, Faris was part of a Temasek Polytechnic Community Service Club team that received the President's Award for Social Service. Faris has been featured on CNN for the Void Deck Art Gallery Initiative, a series of murals – created by people aged 4 to 70 – featuring the art work of Vincent van Gogh. He earned more than a million dollars for Social Creatives before he was 25 years old. In 2012, Faris was nominated and accepted into the Executive Programme on Non-Profit Management at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. http://www.onesingapore.org/board-of-advisors/faris/ http://wildsingaporenews.blogspot.sg/2008/12/rojak-visionary-faris-basharahil-of.html#.UQShmeis334

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"We do legal vandalism. A pictures speaks a thousand words, A motion is a thousand pictures. An emotion to a thousand motion. What we do is not just to paint but to spread emotions to one another. We hope to make society more colourful both visually and emotionally.” – Faris Basharahil