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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Healthy commute


Project Summary

Car and bike into the city

Project Description

Living without convenient public transport 130km north of Melbourne, we still need to commute a couple of days a week. Driving is necessary, but our initial destination is always a challenge. Drive to the nearest regional rail? Drive to the end of the metro rail? Or drive a bit further but get exercise? A number of lucky breaks and urban plans have given us the answer: drive past the city, park at the beach and ride, skate or tram in to work. Port Melbourne is the terminus for Melbourne's 109 light rail; there's loads of day-long parking nearby. There's also a bike trail next to the light rail, and the City of Melbourne and RACV have partnered to install a bike share system that's very affordable. I can also don my inline skates and hit the track into work. Like many employers, there's shower facilities onsite. The whole enterprise is efficient for us because we can stick to bypass lanes on major roads to the city, avoiding the morning jams. The result is a stress-free drive, beach air and exercise before and after work. Brilliant, Melbourne.