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Rue Sainte Catherine, Bordeaux, France


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Project Summary

PublicSpaceArt raising awarness about hidden waste

Project Description

When a consumer goes to have draugth or dratf beer in a bar an hotel or a restautant. In modern beer dispensing , a metal keg is pressurised and this pressure drives beer to the tap. Those metal kegs are being filled in factory then sent to the consumer's bar, emptied in few hours and then returned to the factory for a little cleaning before a new cycle, lasting 15 years. In fact the package maker companies have decided to encourage the beer industry to offload the costs on bar owners. They indeed have cheaper beer, but they also have a stock of empty kegs waiting to be removed. Moreover, this waste also has hidden costs; they often have to be manually preprocessed, and then disposed of in an appropriate and costly way because of waste taxes. In France when the project started, only 25% of the plastic waste was recycled, put another way, for one recycled keg, three have been buried as a gift for the next generations. . But what is recycling, recycling is a good word for failure If you recycle plastic, 10% only is reused as plastic, the rest is just burn to produce energy. Burning waste is the best way to make new waste: in the furnace we found clinkers used for many years to make roads before understanding the risk and now only forbiden in French national forest office 's parks In the smoke there are new Utra toxic and concentrated waste that where named here"ultimate waste". I hope governement will take more money on those "one shot kegs" making old keg cheaper than "trash kegs". This new keg is a hidden waste, a waste that appears in the product life cycle but is never accessible by people at the end of the product distribution. Now, intercept this new waste and reuse it to lower our impact. For your safety dont forget to release pressure from keg before handling!!!!!!! more info: http://www.sudouest.fr/2012/10/26/des-bulles-en-suspension-861250-2780.php https://www.facebook.com/PlasticBubbles.org http://www.PlasticBubbles.org

What are the main takeaways from this story?

Spreading ideas is hard.

Describe a "good" failure in your process or explain how potential challenges resulted in opportunities to learn or grow.

I meet a boy who broke his foot while climbing to stole some PlasticBubbles because nobody told him that is a plastic beer keg available int bars.
I need your help to continue the PlasticBubbles project in a safe way, I hope you always talk about releasing pressure before handling when you listen something about PlasticBubbles or plastic kegs.

What was the biggest challenge or biggest surprise?

Keeping my way is the biggest challenge.

Explain how to share this project with your community?

Bad boys are making money... trashing our planet, but you could figth them. How?? Just watch, think and act.
Use all the ressources to help us and our planet.
Act in public space to spread your ideas, and if possible give some pleasure for all.
You could make money just if you go to the bar and take empty kegs, letting choose what you will do with?? ;) Just money €$ or maybe Art, bubbles garden, lights for your home for your city, floating bubbles for fun or for safety, SpaceInvader Skateborad helmet or SpaceCostume for Carnaval, home for pet and fish, big lens,...
The way is long for engaged citizens, but if you start now, you may have a huge impact and a lot of pleasure!