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Tarbela Dam, Haripur District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

School for Special Children.

Public Space

Project Summary

15 years of Rural Special Education.

Project Description

Mashaal Institute of Special Education was founded in 1998 with the collaboration of WAPDA (Water And Power Development Authority, Pakistan). Initially, there were 09 students, and 03 qualified teachers. As of December 2012, Mashaal has expanded with a Physiotherapy center, Vocational training center and a Computer Lab. Now, the school has 120 students and a staff of 35. Next plan is to start facilities for visually-challenged kids. http://mashaal.vacau.com/

Explain how to share this project with your community?

Suppose you are playing in the middle of the road. What would happen to you if you cannot hear the horn of a car behind you? Suppose you don't know what a horn sounds like... What could happen?

Describe a "good" failure in your process or explain how potential challenges resulted in opportunities to learn or grow.

In hind sight, not being able to start all initially planned activities together was good. Back then, resources were limited, experience was limited, logistics were unclear. The benefit: experience gained (in our rural environment) was very helpful in expanding the activities.

What was the biggest challenge or biggest surprise?

Support comes in from unexpected places/people.

What are the main takeaways from this story?

Too much planning may get in the way of getting started.
Stop listening to people's opinion.
Rome wasn't built in a day!