TED Prize
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Jerome St, London, United Kingdom

Walls that tell stories

Public Space

Project Summary

Evolutive Graffiti illustrates dynamic urban equilibrium

Project Description

Cities are built to last. However, sustainability does not mean immobility. The urban fabric is akin to a living tissue or ecosystem, in constant evolution. While walls are meant to isolate and offer privacy, some see them as blank canvasses in the public gallery of the street, even if their unauthorized art won't last long before it is painted over. On Jerome St, graffiti artists bet on that reaction to set a dynamic art piece in motion. Source: http://mobstr.org/

What are the main takeaways from this story?

This story is an allegory of urban balance, which lies in a constant change. Not unlike living organisms, cities live on because they constantly adapt to the times, down to the smallest scale. Permanence is not only a question of original design, but a continuous chain of actions and reactions.