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Tilburg, Nederland

We need Electric Busses


Project Summary

enough of the bad air qualety

Project Description

Dear friends, Sins i have became ambassador of my home town Tilburg i need to evaluate what technologies would be interesting to you. Can you please LIKE the technologies that i have posted here: http://www.facebook.com/Maiky.NiSuTe/posts/10151333188487114 Make sure you see all the comments sins there is a lot of great ideas in it! Also if you think i missed something that you would like to see to than please add your idea in the comments along with the others. Please you are a huge help if you would do this! Even if you would only like the things your interested in.

What are the main takeaways from this story?

Politicians do not care about long term solutions!

They only care about making more money. Eventually if their 4 years are up they will have solved lots of things cheaply and quick without thinking on what there is to gain or lose.

We need to convince that long term solutions are more profitable if it makes sure we still have a place where we can live

Describe a "good" failure in your process or explain how potential challenges resulted in opportunities to learn or grow.

I had gathered all the big company's of my town together for a project all company's were convinced in the goal but the city counsel dint want to work with it sins they had cheaper ways. But they were not sustainable.

What was the biggest challenge or biggest surprise?

And still is the biggest challenge. Is to convince the government that we need to change NOW

Explain how to share this project with your community?

I want to make our city a better place where we will have fresh air to breath and a safe sun to enjoy